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Originally Posted by wab223 View Post
I bought my son a 50" TV (pretext was for me for simming).
The latency on the TV after using a 27" , 144Hz, 1 ms second response monitor was brutal.

I gave the 50" TV to the ex and bought a 65" with supposedly better latency specs. Latency was still awful after using my PC monitor.
Most TVs will have terrible latency unless they have a dedicated mode that disables their "processing" of the picture before display. Your monitor lacks these "processing" modes so you don't have to set anything up special to get the lowest latency possible. A good source of information about what TVs will perform well in games (ie: sims) is here:

Hint: You won't find the well performing TVs for "gaming" at Walmart. They also won't be sub $1000 for the most part (most will be $1500+). You will still have to set the TV to gaming mode or whatever they call their "no processing" mode.
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