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Originally Posted by PaoloFCantoni View Post
Some of us might take a look on Discord before asking...

(and yes it is)

Why is the AccuRC team and fanbase so aggressive?

I was asking because I was hoping it wasn’t. I have dabbled with Discord before and I don’t get on with it, don’t like it. It is fine if you sit on it all the time but if you dip in and out I find it very difficult to go back and find comments that you made and responses to them.

I did download the Alpha and I did go on Discord yesterday.

My first impression of the Alpha was one of confusion, I thought the download must have failed forcing me to check that I was actually running the Alpha - the version number confirmed that it was 3.0. So why was I confused - because it looks just like V2.0. Now I don’t know V2.0 inside out so I can’t claim 100% that there are no differences but with my casual observation I couldn’t see any. It may be that the physics have been improved but as a beginner I probably wouldn’t notice that. I did see that there were a few more fixed wing, which is the question that started all this.

I’m not that experienced with helicopters so I find it difficult to judge simulators because I don’t know what right feels like. But I do have reasonable experienced with fixed-wing and was delighted to see the Wot 4 because it is an aircraft that I have actually owned.

So I tried the Wot 4 - it is terrible, other than it looks right, there is so much that it wrong with it. It feels and flies nothing like the real thing. Now this is an alpha so I accept this could be in early development.

So I posted on Discord. My first was about how puzzled I was, what are the objectives of V3.0, is it just to add new aircraft? I acknowledged that I could see extra fixed wing.

The reply was that there were two extra helicopters too, which was then edited to say that actually one hadn’t bern added yet.

But that didn’t answer my question - “is V3.0 just about adding new models”.

I then posted my contrastive feedback about the Wot 4, which I would stand by, all valid, none offensive.

The response was that some fanboy jumped down my throat saying “AccuRC is about helicopters”.

I responded that this is fine, but if the aim is helicopters then say so, stick to helicopters rather than trying to add aircraft. If the aircraft are in there then you must accept feedback about them.

The Ade responded, contradicting what the fanboy had said, saying that AccuRC 3.0 aims to compete with all simulators for fixed wing as well as helicopters.

So does this mean that the primary aim of V3.0 is to add fixed wing support to compete with the likes of RealFlight? Because to me, V3.0 looks and performs identically to V2.0 but with some more fixed wing models (and an extra heli).



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