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Originally Posted by richardv View Post
Sorry man, but most of us have been using AccuRC for a long time and seen the progress and features they've been adding.
You've dropped in and been quite vocal in terms of fixed-wing and VR, while we know it's being updated all the time.
It's a great sim, just fly it and enjoy the updates as they come.
Quite vocal?

Why I posted is that I had the opportunity to try VR on a decent PC and the graphics of the helicopter were so poor that I couldn't use it. I did say that I thought that the VR immersion was amazing, very like being down at the field, better than 2D. And I was asking whether what I was seeing was normal or whether there was something wrong with my setup, some adjustment that needed doing. When it was confirmed that this was typical of the older headset that I was using (Oculus Rift) I accepted that but added that unfortunately that is a closed door to me as I don't have the money to spend on a next gen VR headset and the graphics card needed to drive it. How is that vocal?

Fixed Wing
Again, I started asking why there were so few fixed wing? To be honest I accepted that AccuRC is primarily targeted at helicopters and I wouldn't even have questioned it apart from the fact that when you click on workbench you are shown a slideshow of rendered aircraft, many of them fixed wing that don't appear in my simulator. So again, my first question was whether there was something wrong with my install because I was seeing rendered images of fixed-wing aircraft that weren't available. Then I was pointed at the V3.0 Alpha that I didn't even know existed.

Yes, I hold my hands up, I'm not an expert at AccuRC, I don't live and breather it, I don't spend all my time with it. I'm a helicopter beginner too, with not much actual stick time so I don't know what 'correct feels like'. I accept that people say that AccuRC has the best physics but I have to take that on trust because to be honest, I can try AccuRC, RealFlight, Phoenix, Reflex, I can agree that they feel slightly different but I have no idea which is correct because I have such little experience what correct feels like in real life.

Most of my experience to date is with fixed wing and I still fly that a fair amount. So although my need for a fixed-wing simulator is a lot less it would be nice to have one now and then. So I looked in AccuRC (which I own) and saw there wasn't that much in the way of fixed-wing. I accepted that it was really for helicopters so started to consider whether to buy RealFlight for my fixed-wing fix. But before splashing my $130 (90) I thought I would have ask the question of AccuRC - with hindsight I shouldn't have bothered.

As a consumer, my experience on here and on Discord is that AccuRC is only interested in you as long as you know exactly what you are doing and don't ask any 'dumb' questions.


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