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you are using an alpha version. Alpha means that it is not thoroughly tested before it's released. It may contain serious errors, may crash or even lead to loss of your sim data. It may not contain all the features planned for release.

V3 alpha is for users who either can't wait to try new features and don't care if stuff is broken, or those who want to test, give constructive feedback and aid development through that. V3 is neither feature complete nor finished in setup at the time of writing this post.

Neither are all planes and helis we are planning to add available at this time, nor are half of the planes that are there set up correctly. It's the nature of an alpha. We upgraded the entire sim framework and need to go over literally every single part of the sim again to make sure it works, which takes time. You may not notice that immediately, but it will eventually manifest in a simulator that is more stable, faster and more efficient to use.

If you want to use V3 alpha as it is, you have to put some work in to make it useable for yourself. You can't just load the alpha and expect everything to be perfect right off the bat, especially since we've implemented a completely new physics engine for those planes- which is also being worked on in the background. Alpha means stuff is broken. It's the very definition of it.

If that's not what you're looking for, it may be best for you to stay on V2 release until V3 is finished.

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