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Question Using DX6i with Accurc 2

Hi Guys

Before I start, let me first explain that I am a complete newbie to rotary flight and whereas I understand the main flight principles, I have absolutely no idea how to set up my transmitter, a DX6i to operate with a generic dongle and Accurc 2. I'm using Accurc 2 via Steam and Windows 10.

I've tried watching the generic dongle setup, but fail at the first hurdle, because the video uses a DX7 and firstly assigns switches. I see no way of doing that with my DX6i and so it all grinds to a halt at that point.

What I need is a "monkey see, monkey do" set of instructions in order to at least get me started. I'm shortly having some one on one flying lessons with a real RC heli and so will hopefully get instructions on the more detailed aspects of setting up values and curves and the like, but I'm just wanting to get my transmitter working with Accurc now so I can practice what I get taught without racking up repair bills!

Can anyone take pity on a wet behind the ears newbie??
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