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If you're just starting there is a lot to learn, and the learning curve is worse with a real Heli. We've all been there, and you've picked a great sim to start with as all the setup and details you learn with AccuRC directly translate to real radios and models.

The common terms that you want to know are:

Throttle Hold - Basically a safety switch that turns off the motor, vital as both a safety feature and as a way to reduce damage in a crash. If you can get used to hitting throttle hold every time you land or crash it's a good habit that will save you a fortune in the long run.

Normal, Idle Up, IU1, IU2, RPM1, 2 etc... These all refer to the way you manage the throttle or headspeed of the Heli. "Normal" mode these days is mainly used by scale modelers or fixed pitch toy helicopters, and it's where the left stick directly controls the throttle. Modern aerobatic helicopters fly at a high rpm all the time, with the left stick changing to controlling the Collective (pitch of the blades), and Idle Up is the common name for this. It's normal to run several headspeeds and they're often abbreviated to IU1, IU2, etc...

Governor. This is a feature you'll find on most models and it acts to set a fixed headspeed, taking over throttle control for you. Most hobby pilots use the governor feature, and having a throttle hold switch to stop the blades is vital if you use it.

What may confuse you a little is that your current radio is using a lot of airplane terminology, and to use AccuRC you'll need to map the features it supports to the settings you want to use in AccuRC. But there are guides on how to use the DX6i with AccuRC, and the team are really helpful. If you have any questions, just ask :-)

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