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Default Considering moving to Jeti

Time to upgrade my transmitter.

Iíve always had Futaba in the past but have decided to look at alternative brands.

So Iíve been looking at Futaba, FrSky and Jeti.

Very different prices, with Jeti at the top, FrSky at the bottom.

The price of FrSky is certainly attractive but Iím not convinced yet.

When it comes to Jeti I have no prior experience. The pricing model tripped me up initially , it looked bot pricey but okay at first but then ai spotted all the software extras needed to turn on functionality.

Then Iím a little unsure about the range, Iím looking at the DS, so DS-12, DS-14 and DS-16.

I get the DS-12 and the DS-16 but less so than the DS-14. A fully upgraded DS-12 seems more capable but slightly cheaper than a base DS-14. And I wonder where a fully upgraded DS-14 would end up compared with a DS-16.

The other thing I need to get my head around is the cost of fitting out a plane. I understand the receivers but not sure about telemetry as Iíve never had telemetry before. Would I have to use Jeti telemetry or can you use any telemetry sensors.


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