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Yet again I have to thank all you guys, spider88 for all your info, myxiplx for your well written explanation of some of the terms I need to learn and, in advance, Ade_Law.
Ade, I've attached the screenshots you asked for plus a screenshot of my Tx settings.
To clarify, when I say the simulation is game-like, what I mean is that the heli model I'm using (a Trex 550) takes off seemingly much more stably than I imagine it would do in real life. I can't for the life of me hover it as I'm continually chasing it all over the place - but that's simply down to my lack of ability currently, I'm sure.

EDIT - I forgot to add that sometimes when I reset the model to start again (usually in training mode), the shaking effect you get when the model is reset sometimes doesn't stop and I have to exit the sim and then restart. Is that something that can be easily fixed?
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