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The DS-14 was part of the range before the DS-12 existed. I think the main advantage of the DS-14 now over the 12 is that it still has dual 2.4Ghz antenna, but I think either the 12 or 14 is a fine choice to start with Jeti.

Most of the time you need to use Jeti telemetry sensors, but some higher end ESCs, and many FBL controllers will talk to Jeti natively. I know MSH Brain, Spirit and the older Spartan Vortex can all be programmed directly from the radio, which is great for tuning.

I picked up a DS-14 years ago, and have slowly added features as I need them. It's really only as I've added more complex planes to my fleet that I've started using all the features, I've just upgraded from 8 to 14 channels for a Jeti Assist powered plane, and I find the Jeti much, much easier to program and understand than even a Spektrum radio. And once you've made the investment in receivers they just move from model to model as your fleet matures. I've had my Jeti 5 years now, and fully expect to be flying the same radio in another 10.

Plus these days you have the advantage of Harry Curzon on YouTube with dozens and dozens of videos walking through all kinds of tips and tricks in the programming.

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