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Bear in mind you're usually flying a large, 700 class model in the sim, that's perfectly setup with little wind.

Those models are pretty stable, and because of their size, you can see the disc and make corrections easily.

But trust me, learning on a 700 in real life isn't a great plan. When you have a $2k machine in front that can kill you if it something goes wrong, nerves and adrenaline kick in fast!!

If you're finding hovering ok, start working on all the basic skills:

Slowly flying left and right hand circles.
Hover, nose left (and right).
Hover, nose in.

(Most people find they can't just hover with the model facing sideways or backwards, and you usually need to start at a 45 angle or less, and slowly build up).

After that, work on all the other orientation and flying skills.

Flying a figure 8.
Hovering around a circle, with the Heli facing forwards the whole time. Then the same with it facing left, right and backwards.
Flying a figure 8 with the Heli moving sideways, practice both left and right.
Flying a figure 8 with the Heli moving backwards.

Once you get the hang of all that, you'll have really solid basic orientation skills, and with a little practice switching between the sim and real life you'll find the skills all translate over really well. 😁

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