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Originally Posted by Sloucher View Post
Yet again I have to thank all you guys, spider88 for all your info, myxiplx for your well written explanation of some of the terms I need to learn and, in advance, Ade_Law.
Ade, I've attached the screenshots you asked for plus a screenshot of my Tx settings.
To clarify, when I say the simulation is game-like, what I mean is that the heli model I'm using (a Trex 550) takes off seemingly much more stably than I imagine it would do in real life. I can't for the life of me hover it as I'm continually chasing it all over the place - but that's simply down to my lack of ability currently, I'm sure.

EDIT - I forgot to add that sometimes when I reset the model to start again (usually in training mode), the shaking effect you get when the model is reset sometimes doesn't stop and I have to exit the sim and then restart. Is that something that can be easily fixed?
your graphics settings are very high for the hardware you have, that might be causing issues with dropping the physics and graphics fps.

if you switch the hud on (button top left when flying) you should be seeing a solid 60fps and at least 400 physics fps, try dropping the render quality.

you might also want to check and clean your fans and heat sinks.

you definitely want to be running full screen

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