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Originally Posted by acrow View Post
Given that the DS-14 II has been announced, it is certainly worth considering.
What improvements does the DS-14 II bring, the colour screen is obvious, but what else.

I don’t find what is being offered very clear - when I go to the main UK store, it says that it can be pre-ordered and also allows me to put in a factory order. It gives the price of the transmitter alone (which I assume would be taken as soon as I place the order) but there is no information about what individual software add-ons and packs there are so I find it difficult to compare it with the DS-12.

Generally, I think the software add-ons are a double-edged sword. Great idea that you just buy what you need. But for people like me, who are not quite sure which individual add-ons are needed the discounted packs are attractive, but that become an impediment to sales because I’m no longer seeing a 550 DS-12 but one that costs 900 (or 1000 for the special edition).

It would be good to see a better description of what each add-on does, how much it costs (I have only ever been able to see prices for the packs for the DS-12) and maybe some suggestions of useful collections.


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