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Originally Posted by Rudy View Post
As a Jeti owner my self (DS16) you might want to look at V control. The V Control system have a very nice integrated system with a nice touch screen and very user friendly menu system.

The jeti does allow programming of Sprite, Ikon/Brain2, BD, FBL controllers from the transmitter. However it's very clunky and its text based while the Vcontrol has a nice window like touch screen type interface. The V Control also display's telemetry much nicer. Jeti still does it, it just a little easier and nicer on the V Control.

The V control on the other hand is set up to work with the V Bar control. Others may work, but you lose the integration.
Wow, if the Jeti is clunky, then what is the Spektrum? I didn’t think the integration with Ikon/Brain is ‘texted’ based. I tried to use ‘Integration’ with Ikon and Spektrum and found it more painful than a trip to the dentist.

That said, the VBar stuff sounds pretty great, and I don’t doubt that the system is more integrated and has a cleaner interface. …and if the OP wasn’t flying airplanes as well it could be an option. (Yes, there are RXs for planks as well but it’s a relatively limited ecosystem). It’s worth considering for sure!
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