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Well, thanks again all.

I've followed the advice from Ade_Law and reset my graphics parameters, but its obvious now that my graphics card is just not up to the job. I can't get above around 40fps without dropping the resolution to the stage where everything is blurred to the point of invisibility.

Thanks to spider88 for showing me how to set up the left stick and to myxiplx for confirming something I've suspected all along. Helis are probably not for me! Seriously, I have spent so long on the sim now that I should be showing some sign of improvement by now, but no I just can't keep up with the damn thing. It just drifts around and any input from me just exaggerates the movement - but in the opposite direction!

I think I'd better stick with fixed wing - it'll be safer for everyone and a whole lot cheaper for me! I've a real world, day-long 1 to 1 training session at a UAV centre tomorrow - I'm rather afraid it'll confirm what the sim has shown me - my reactions are slower than a sloth trapped in a glacier.

Thanks again for trying guys Anyone want to buy a WS2000 - one careless owner?
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