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Default Jeti - worth exploring IMHO

The Spirit FBL has a setup wizard [runs on the Jeti TX] which enables the full setup of the Spirit FBL directly from the Jeti TX - "clunky" it is not. As to other FBL integration, I can't speak to them, other than BD3SX, which had no setup wizard (when I used them last in 2019-2020) but you can tune [some] BD FBL settings from the Jeti TX.

Having flown with Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, and FrSky (Open TX) for me personally, the Jeti radio is hands down the most feature-rich and intuitive system. I have both a DS-16 and a DS-12. I notice no discernable difference between the DS-16/DS-12 gimbals when flying.

The Spirit setup wizard runs on my monochrome DS-16, which may seem "clunky" when compared to the color screen of the DS-12.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I seldom turn off my DS-12 between flights. I typically fly about two-two and a half hours each morning. I charge the radio once a week on average.

Telemetry integration with Kontronik, YGE, and HW ESC's is fantastic!

Jeti is easy to learn and very flexible, you can do a lot with Jeti, in the end, I feel it comes down to personal preference - and some pilots prefer to fly with a system other pilots they know are using, the support of "tribal knowledge" might be helpful for some pilots.

Esprit Model offers a Jeti "test drive" - a great way to get hands-on experience before you buy. Try it first hand and form your own unbiased opinion.

Added bonus for Jeti Heli pilots:
I now use Spirt-RS FBL with integrated Jeti RX. The Spirt FBL flies fantastic and I love the tight integration between Jeti and Spirit. I have cut my cost per heli significantly by using the Spirit-RS. For heli pilots with more than a couple of heli's the Jeti TX w/Spirit-RS is a fantastic combo and affordable to boot! That said, if the Spirit didn't fly as well or better than the BD3SX I wouldn't have switched no matter the cost savings.
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