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In the telemetry menu, there are places in the ESC portion of the setup screen where you put in the number of Poles and Gear Ratio. Now, honestly, I have had to fudge numbers on occasion as what I setup in the ESC (Castle Set RPM menu) was not always what should have been displayed. I had to fudge the numbers for my Heli-Babies so to give you the numbers, on one I had to choose a 10 pole motor (it should have been 8) and the gear ratio was 2:1 whereas the actual was 6:1. On the second, I had to go with 10 poles and 3.39:1 and both motors and voltages were identical. WHO KNEW? Anyway, you get used to finding workarounds where needed but I love the voltage readouts and the Amps used but that is because of the iKON2, not the 6250. I have not fully explored what I can display on my 6250 and the Avian 120 ESC but I will get to it one day. I know I can display current draws on pretty much any of the setups I have but only the iKON2 and Brain2 are configured at this time to take the current from most ESC's and total how much total current has been drawn. That does let me get the most out of packs that are getting close to retirement but are still good for general flying, not hardcore 3D. I have a new iX20 to get used to as it has far more display capability than the iX12 I was using. The data and voltage readouts have saved me a number of helicopters because of installing discharged packs or forgetting to swap out a discharged pack. Old age, trust me, it can be a bugger. Take care.

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