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On you’re smaller Heli’s an R4L or R5L would be ok. The larger ones I’d recommend the R3/RSW.

I’m running an R7nano on one Oxy2, and a R4L on my second. My SAB 280s have an R5 on the fireball, and My mini comet is getting a R3/RSW. My Goblin380 has a R4L. My 500+ are Rex3 and R3/RSWs…

If the REX3 or R7nano were available, I’d recommend the R7nano for the oxy2 and Rex3s instead of the R3/RSWs.

See my thread:

Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
I'm in the middle of converting my fleet to Jeti. So I'm new, not too familiar with Jeti and I have a bunch of receivers to install!

If there is anyone in the future that ends up looking for how the different RXs compare, hopefully this will help. I'm in the US so receivers are limited to what is available... (I wish I had a EX R3 REX and a EX R7 Nano to show)

So on hand I have:
1) R3/RSW
2) EX R5 light (Bundled with my DS-12)
3) EX R4 light (2)

I'm still working on putting things in, so no 'real world' type of review here but I wanted to try to summarize the differences between the receivers. If I get it wrong I'm sure another Freak will set me straight. [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]

  • They are all about the same size / weight
  • The R4 and R5 lights have shorter antenna
  • The R3/RSW has longer antenna
  • The EX Bus port on the R5 is at the opposite end, next to the antenna
  • R3/RSW has a 'Hardcase', others are shrink wrapped
  • Range should be reasonably similar provided antenna are in the clear (harder with short antenna [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG])
  • All will work with Jeti EX Bus and in my case integrate with an IKON2 FBL
  • The R4 should integrate and provide full IKON2 telemetry even though Jeti states that it has limited telemetry. The telemetry that Jeti is referring to in that statement is the A1 / A2, the individual antenna info from the RX. Q the overall signal strength is still there and IKON telemetry and integration work.

Hope this helps [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]

I'm coming from Spektrum so for comparison, here's a shot with the new SPM4651T and a Lemon Satellite.
Just adding the R7 nano and a REX3 image to the comparison:
Attachment 884839

The R7 is a really small Rx suitable for a back yard flyer like an Oxy2 or OMP. Note how short the antenna is. (Has anyone ever extended one with a coaxial antenna used for the other receivers)

The REX3 is identical in size to the R3/RSW but has more EX ports for additional telemetry sensors.

The REX3 is available with 3 or 4 antenna options. The first is with 100mm the second is with 200mm (-A20) and 400mm (-A40) I have seen the 200mm antenna offered with and without the Balums (the bulges). The 100mm don’t have Balums and all the 400mm have Balums. As far as I can tell any REX 3 that end in A20/A40 have the Balums. Without the extension you might be getting a 100 or 200mm without the Balums. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

I’d like to make a plea to for the REX 3 to be certified in the US!
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