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Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
On youre smaller Helis an R4L or R5L would be ok. The larger ones Id recommend the R3/RSW.

Im running an R7nano on one Oxy2, and a R4L on my second. My SAB 280s have an R5 on the fireball, and My mini comet is getting a R3/RSW. My Goblin380 has a R4L. My 500+ are Rex3 and R3/RSWs

If the REX3 or R7nano were available, Id recommend the R7nano for the oxy2 and Rex3s instead of the R3/RSWs.

See my thread:
Thanks! Great info.
Did you get the DS-12 "standard" or carbon edition. I'm curious about the difference in feel between the metal and plastic sticks.
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