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You obviously know your way around a BeastX so I would be surprised if you haven't checked and double checked your set-up menu for the obvious - as you say, it is worth asking the questions though.

It does sound to me that when you are in Step K of 5.2.4, it is not in reality actually in the 6 set-up?

Is the swash at 0 when you move into K and what are the lights doing when you are in Step K? Also, what happens when you press the set-up button to exit K to move on to L(even though you haven't achieved the 6)?

Bear in mind that I have no practical experience of any version beyond V4.2 so I am fumbling around in the dark as much as you. I am hoping that Sutty might pick up on this as he is quite a whizz at BeastX problem solving

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