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Good work in sorting it out. Doesn't matter how it comes about, solving it is a good feeling.

I had read your post, but had nothing to offer, and you'd already posted that it was now K, so that was all I had too, that 5.2 changed a few things.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but honestly, and I may have mentioned this already recently, I wrote to Walter at BeastX, more than ten years ago now, and suggested to them to redesign this step with the ability to actually check J (now K), in exactly the way they have now implemented it.

Don't know whether he remembered, or just thought it would be a good idea off his own bat, but at the time he wrote back to me saying it couldn't be done because there were so many manuals printed with it operating the way they already said.

Manuals are now out of the window, sadly, imho, and it's all Wiki this and Wiki that, so I suppose they finally decided they can change anything they want, including the letters for each step, which is super duper confusing for all of us.

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