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How do you manage 11 channels on a foamy
It's a thrust vectored Multiplex FunJet, with a Jeti Assist for vertical launches, hovering, and high alpha. The extra channels for tuning the assist in flight soon rack up, although I think I mis-counted by one. :-)

Throttle, Ail 1, Ail 2, Vectored rudder, Vectored elevator, Gyro on/off, Gyro flight mode, Ail gain, Ele gain, Rud gain.
Helis: Oxy 4 Max (day + night), Gaui X3 380, Oxy2 FE 215, Oxy2 Sport 190
Radio & FBL: Spartan Vortex, MSH Brain, Jeti DS-14, Spektrum DX8G2
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