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Default DS-12 Special Carbon Edition


Thinking of moving to Jeti, still not decided between the DS-14 or DS-12 but leaning towards the DS-12.

If I were to go DS-12 I then have a second decision, do I go for the standard edition or the carbon special edition.

As I understand it the special edition gives me
  • Grey finish plastic body
  • Carbon faceplate
  • Metal gimbals
  • Metal buttons
  • Aluminium carry case
  • R5L receiver

for an extra 120

At first glance that looks very good value - but - I would never use the case (guess I could sell it) and I am not a fan of how it looks (I think it is the carbon and the logo around the power button (each to their own, I am sure that there are those that love it).

So that leaves me with the receiver, buttons and gimbals.

The receiver is worth 63 but not probably one I would choose to buy, but it would work in my sports foamy.

Metal gimbals sound good, the DS-16 has metal gimbals so it makes it sound like a real upgrade but I have read that it is extremely difficult to tell the difference and that some even prefer the plastic gimbals.

Metal buttons - what does that include - is it all knobs, buttons and scroll wheel - it’s not clear in the product listing.

Plus the special edition is continually going out of stock, if I made a devision today I would have to wait.

Anyone tried both the standard and special edition with any opinions.



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