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Hey Jim,

No, they're not necessary, and I use the built in throttle cut on every model. But I never liked the throttle idle feature, it doesn't set a fixed value, but rather it adjusts the bottom endpoint of the throttle curve, so you can have full motion of the throttle stick, without risking cutting the engine.

When I need that feature for a nitro I just use the throttle trim feature, if you set the trim to only effect the lower endpoint of the throttle curve it works wonderfully for setting and adjusting the idle.

But for myself I always want a separate "Throttle Hold" switch in addition to throttle cut. For one it's a nice safety feature to have a second throttle safety switch, but if you want to practice autorotations and your ESC has a bailout feature, you want a switch that drops your throttle for the auto, without actually cutting it completely.

Similarly, if you have a nitro, it's useful to have a switch that fixes throttle at the idle position. I used that all the time with my 600N as it eliminates any chance of a hot start, or of bumping the throttle as you carry the model out. And you still have the throttle cut switch to kill the engine anytime you need.

The beauty of Jeti is that it's really easy to do all of that, either on one three way switch, or via separate switches. :-)

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