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The knobs are definitely plastic on the Special Carbon Edition. I’ve thought about getting the metal knobs with the lever extension but it’s not a priority. I mainly have the tail gain on one knob and am dialed in on most of the Heli’s I’m flying a lot.

Honestly, I’m not sure if the buttons are metal or chrome plated plastic. They look very good…

The nuts holding the switches in are plastic. They are very secure, and don’t come loose all the time like my older radio. (So I haven’t gone out to get the metal ones)

The modules included with the Special Carbon Edition are the same as the Standard version. It’s the Spirit Edition that includes a handful of modules useful for Heli’s. The Spirit Edition menu options are now included in the standard firmware as well. The Spirit Edition is basically a Red Standard DS-12 with ‘Spirit Branding’ and some included modules.
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