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I struggled with exactly the same thing. I did a ton of stuff and ended up resetting my whole setup after a friend gave me some advice.

After a fresh setup, first I setup my main gain. Just do fast forward passes left to right and right to left trying to push the collective to make it go fast until it fast wags, increase 5 points at a time. When you reach a point where it wags, drop it 10 points. I noticed dropping only 5 points still caused the tail to wag on harder tail maneuvers, like funnels.

Then I played around with the Collective Precomp. I basically have it fully off. To make it even better I dropped some points on the I gain.

I still have some but I think my issue is with the governor. The 570 after this tuning I made it disappear to 98% but it is still present on the 500, noticeably although not as bad as before. I will play around with the governor gain next. I am using the Hobbywing governor store mode and not the FBL governor since I didn't want to have to deal with tail kick issues.
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