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What size heli?
Head speed that it wags at?
Where is your tail gain set at now?
I really don't think "Precomp" will help the tail wag,if anything it will worsen the wag.I use precomp for better tail hold during:
punch outs
hard stops
fast big air maneuvers

On my 700 size heli's i've gone down as low as 37-40 (1800-2000 head speed) on the tail gain and still have decent tail hold,but than again i don't know the size heli you're referring to.If you say all your mechanics are confirmed smooth,than i would lower the tail gain gradually until it's gone.I test it by doing hard stops, lateral flights and collective punch outs to 100 ft then suddenly stop and observe the tail,than i do it again on the way down full collective and do another hard stop.
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