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Originally Posted by AllanNg View Post
Thanks guys. Let me play with the settings again and get back. I have tried lowering the tail gain and it does help but I just wonder if it's something else. But the thing is that my 700x and Specter on the neo are very well behaved. No wagging at all and I pretty much tweak them the same way. My x5s same size running same 2300 headspeed also no wagging problem, and the gain on them are like in the 70s whereas I have to lower the gain on my xl 520 down to 40s to see any improvement.
Be sure you are doing this without any governor. Tune it without gov and then try the gov.

tail wag like this can be caused by the gov and trying to "tune that out with tail gains" won't ever happen lol. You're going to go crazy trying.

I'd start with gov off, get the tail gain right based off what you see on the forums (Fast forward flight until it wags and then -3)...... once that's in place play with the precomp.
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