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Default Shortening endpoint throw on v1 vcontrol

I have an XL power 550 with 100s of flights on it. Well, I burned out one of the OMG cyclics and they’re out of production to buy one more. I had a full set of futaba 9650s sitting on the shelf so I installed them. But, the case is a little bigger. And, the same arms that worked on the OMGs are bumping.

One option is to get longer arms, or flip the balls to the outside. But, first I want to try just limiting the throw. I thought the old v5 VBar software had a setting for that. Cyclic ring doesn’t help. Anyone know what it’s called/where it is on the original Vcontrol (non touch?)

9650s on XLPower 550 (0 min 24 sec)
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