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Default Items Still For Sale

Following are still for sale. Pics are shown in individual post for sale in "Electric Motors, ESC, etc", "Electronics Gyros" and 'Heli Parts" threads for the items.

Lynx Heli EOX 2214 (4100kV) V2 3S/4S brushless motor. Also, included are a 10T, 11T and 14T pinion for it. Asking $SOLD Shipped

Talon 35 $SOLD shipped.

Original Ikon. The USB port does not work. Because plugging into it one day it pushed thru. However, there is Crius Ikon blue tooth adapter and cables (IKN605 and IKN607) that will allow it to be linked up to a phone, tablet or computer without the USB port and the included code (See attached pictures). The Ikon was original to this heli with very little use. $70 shipped.

The following items are available as well. Asking $SOLD shipped for all of it.

SP-OXY3-002 - OXY3 - Center Hub
SP-OXY3-005 - OXY3 - Main Grip, Set
SP-OXY3-008 - OXY3 - Swashplate
SP-OXY3-006 - OXY3 - DFC Arm, Set

SP-OXY3-023 - OXY3 - Tail Rotor Assembly
SP-OXY3-030 - OXY3 - Tail Case Bearing Block Assembly
SP-OXY3-026 - OXY3 - Bell Crank Support
SP-OXY3-027 - OXY3 - Tail Pitch Slider
SP-OXY3-080 - OXY3 - Tail Shaft 15T
SP-OXY3-031 - OXY3 - Vertical Fin
SP-OXY3-032 - OXY3 - Tail Case Cover
SP-OXY3-033 - OXY3 - Tail Bell Crank
SP-OXY3-034 - OXY3 - Tensioner Tail Belt

SP-OXY3-010 - OXY3 - Upper Main Shaft Bearing Block
SP-OXY3-011 - OXY3 - Middle Main Shaft Bearing Block
SP-OXY3-012 - OXY3 - Lower Main Shaft Bearing Block
SP-OXY3-013 - OXY3 - Motor Mount

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