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Default Trex 250 parts---NIP

I have all this parts for Align 250.
Prices are "List prices" .
From these prices deduct 30% (multiply by 0.7)
Minimun is $30 in parts.
Let me know what you need.

1x H250130T Torque tube $8.99
1x H25028T Drive belt $4.99
1x H25023T Rudder servo mount $2.69
1x H25031T Stabilizer $11.99
1x H25036T Ball link $4.99
1x H25056T Ball link A/B $3.99
1x H25073TA Landing Skid $5.99
1x H25014T Main Shaft $5.99
2x H25097T Main Gear $6.99 $13.98
1x H25033TA Hardware bag $9.99
1x H25134TA Tail Pitch Assembly $31.99
1x H25123 T DFC Main Shaft $5.99
1x H25043TA Frame Hardware $2.90
1x H25035T Motor Mount $7.99
1x H25062T Tail Rotor control Arm $4.39
1x H25038TA Damper $1.99
1x H25132T TT Rear Drive Gear $8.99
1x H25029T Tail Drive Gear $8.99
1x H25079AT Metal Tail Drive Gear $8.99
1x H25096T Main Gear $9.99
1x H25084T 37 Tail Blades $2.99
1x H25116T Metal Antirotation Bracket $13.99
1x H25H003XXT Blade Clips $2.99

Sold as is.
No returns.

Any questions send me a PM.
Check my feedback.

Parts located in Panama City, Panama.
Will be shipped with tracking.

Goblin Speed, Goblin 500 LE-12S, RJX 500, Goblin 380, Warp 360, Trex 450L-6S, Trex 250 Pro, 2x 180CFX, MCPx. Quads: Foxtech 300 Hex on 6S !
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