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Default Futaba CGY-750 and a Futabe T18SZ radio

I have been trying to set up my T18SZ transmitter with the 750 gyro. For the most part, everything has been pretty straightforward until I go to the governor. I am setting up this gyro in a Trex 450 but I have 2 other 750s that will go on helis as well. These gyros where replacements that I got from Futaba when all three went bad after crashes. They are brand new and have been sitting in their new boxes for a couple of years now. I have been flying mini quads (FPV) and want to get back to flying my helis. Needless to say, getting the governors to work will be helpful. 2 of the gyros will be in electric models with a Hobbywing rpm sensor. The third will be in a nitro model.
Here is my issue. I have tried to get the head speed numbers in the gyro governor menu to match the head speed numbers in the transmitter. But they do not. In my old 8FG (no longer transmitting and thus I replaced it with the T18SZ) this was easy. I simply hit the calibration tab in the governor menu and everything lined up. There is no calibration tab in the governor menu of the T18SZ. My head speed numbers in the T18SZ are 2900, 3100, 3300 but the 750 reads 1364, 928, 734. Yes, the head speed numbers are lower in the gyro and go down as I flip the idle up switch. I have tried many different ways to try and solve this but have not had any luck. I have even email Futaba USA technical support 3 times by email and have never gotten a response.
Anyone have any ideas? I might try and shoot a video that will help people see up my radio and gyro settings look like. I did find a video by Nick Maxwell, but he did not go into setting up the T18SZ transmitter that he was using in the 750 setup video.
Thanks, Todd.
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