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On the Goblin 420 Im currently working on the rx is mounted on the bottom of the tail servo mount and the antennas are extending down from the boom at a 90 degree angle to each other. I have done everything I can to make sure the antennas are not shielded as well as making sure there is continuity from the motor mount all the way back to the tail case to help reduce possible static issues. I have had many rxs go into failsafe and then after, the rssi will be reduced by 30db or more even while bench testing. Had issues with several x4r-sbs so I switched to an X8r. I thought the problem was solved at that point only to have the same issue occur several months later. After I had the x8r failure, my son had a failsafe on his 420 with an x8r. He probably had 70 trouble free flights or more if I remember correctly. I decided to try the Archer rxs as a last ditch effort, hoping if it was static or vibration induced, they would be more resistant. I have flown many Frsky rxs in planes including edfs with no issue. None of my failsafes showed any indication in my Ikon logs of low or lost bec voltage or anything else that would explain the failsafe condition. Now there is a pretty good thread on RCG about a very similar failure with the R8 Pros as well and seems they concluded the rxs were defective but not all showed issues early on but some did. All my larger more expensive helis have been grounded until I can gain some confidence in the radio link.
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