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The R8 Pro is just the latest one I'm trying. Had X4R-Sb and then X8r before. If the R8 Pro is problematic, then it's no different than the other 2 as far as I'm concerned. I'm very open to the idea that I am doing something wrong or that something else on the heli is the cause but it definitely isn't the usual suspects. I have been researching the problem and all related info I can find for more than a year and still no resolution. so far the R8 Pro is fine with very few flights, but I won't fly without redundancy. Can't afford to crash every time I get a failsafe.

To get back on track, I'm still questioning the proper connections required for a secondary rx connected to a R8 Pro running f.port. There is a post on Aloft where someone claims to have connected the secondary using the s.port out pin instead of the sbus out on the RS. He had both rx's running 2.1.7 firmware and f.port and f.port2 checked for both. If that is possible, I assume that would allow for full telemetry with both receivers. I would think someone, especially at Aloft would know but I haven't received any replies over there so far. Another reason Frsky can be a pain. If it was Spektrum, I could just call Horizon and ask. I think I'll just do my own testing today. Make some connections and see what happens. If I ruin a receiver, at least I'll know.
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