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Just an update. I connected an RS to my R8 Pro 2 different ways to test. The R8 Pro is running 2.1.7 firmware and is connected to ch3 on the Ikon and I selected F.Port2 in the Ikon setup. F.Port and F.Port2 both selected in RX options. I tried connecting the RS to the R8 Pro sbus in using the sbus out pin on the RS while using 2.1.2 software. I also tried connecting using the S.Port out pin with 2.1.7 firmware and F.Port and F.Port2 both selected. The heli works correctly and I canít tell the difference. I tried binding the R8 Pro to one model and the RS to another and switching back and forth to test the redundancy but it seems that if the R8 Pro is not bound, it will not allow the RS which is connected to it to control the heli. Also, even if the R8 Pro is not bound to the second model, if it shares the receiver number, it will still control the heli which makes it impossible to test the redundant rx while it is connected to the sbus in on the R8 Pro. I just wish Frsky would include the info in the instructions for the rxís so there would be no question, especially since they donít bother to communicate with the end user.
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