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So what about the rumour that MTTEC/Rage have decided not to go ahead with the Chronos RSR project and instead Oxy (who were already down to manufacture it anyway) will take the whole project on ?

Could this be one of the 700s that Luca was referring to?

Personally if it's a 'wish-list'.................I wish Oxy (or anyone else come to that) would come up with a ultra light 700 along the same lines as the Henseleit TDSF. A 2.5Kg rtf 700 would be fantastic; all the performance of a regular 700 but using cheap 500 size electronics and batteries and with double the flight time of any regular 700. That's surely got to be a winning formula? I cant understand why no mainstream manufacturer has done it yet, Henseliet has proved it's possible.
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