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Originally Posted by gwright View Post
Very nice! but appears it may only be 6S. Is it 6 or 12 cells?

My 700 for LHS is 4414 including canopy and 12s (9 and 3/4 lbs), 3055g without batteries. Not sure what canopy weighs but obviously under 3kg without batteries or canopy. It's a "super stretched" E5 though. I find stretching the smaller mechanics helps more than just eliminating un-needed bits,.. but of course you'll have a much more robust machine with the larger/heavier mechanics.

You;ll certainly enjoy this machine,.. weight makes all the difference in the world when spinning them slow.
12s. 2x 6s 2450 mah.

I know stretching is the way to go. This is just for a fun different project plus I have so many Protos parts and airframes. It is my all time favorite helicopter so I figured why not. It will never be the lightest Heli. I am ok with that.
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