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The Hobbywing v4 provides two different options for RPM telemetry.

The first is just simply pulses for each motor commutation. This is the wire that is normally plugged into the GOV port of the Ikon. To get RPM, the number of pulses per revolution needs to be entered into the FBL. Then converted from motor rpm to headspeed.

The second is the ESC reported digital RPM. This is a digital signal, from the wire plugged into the 4-5-6 port of the Ikon. Similarly the rpm is scaled from Motor rpm to headspeed (as Thickfog noted as well)

An ESC only really knows ‘eRPM’ or the number of commutations per minute. If you had a ‘2 pole’ motor then ‘eRPM’ would equal motor RPM. I believe that the digital RPM is eRPM (4-5-6 port data) and the GOV port pulses are obviously eRPM.

If the issue is that the reported RPM seems 10x too high, then check the transmitter RPM scale factor. On Spektrum, a factor of 10x is required as noted in the Ikon/Brain telemetry manual.
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