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Most people get this data directly from the ESC/FBL unit, and not from a direct measurement from the battery itself. The ESC telemetry data only needs a thin servo lead since its not directly passing the battery current through.

What FBL unit and ESC are you using? Ikon, Spirit, Vbar and a few other popular options already support telemetry. Spektrum does this as well now the same way through the ESC, however they have created a closed ecosystem in order to do it with their FBL units requiring the use of all of the Spektrum "Smart" devices from the battery packs to the ESC/FBL unit.

The inline device requiring a high current rating is an old school leftover method as others were light years ahead of Spek when it comes to telemetry, and that was the only hack they could do at the time before finally now developing a better and cleaner way to the get the info that everyone else was already doing years ago
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