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From what I can determine, the YGE 160 has no capability of output for telemetry data. If you are not into full blown 3D hardcore flight, then the sensor may work for you with the ends changed to match your batteries and ESC. I have read that but have not done it. I do have one of those sensors unused but have not thought about using it for the moment. I do have a low powered 6s system where I could easily convert the connectors and then get the current to the TM1000 that is on it.

There is a company SM Modellbau, German based, that makes a complete line of telemetry sensors and adaptors. They will plug into the TM1000 and give you whatever you need. They have a single line current sensor that can give you 200A readouts if needed and even one with an XT90 connector. I have browsed through their website and have seen the various sensors that they have which would cover any situation. Once the Spektrum adaptor is plugged into the TM1000, you can daisy chain as many sensors as you want. It is not as clean as say a Castle ESC hooked up to the TM1000 which would then give you what you generally use but it is better than going out and buying a new ESC. If you already have the TM1000, then you are close to what you want to get out of it. Hope this helps.


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