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Christian Lucas,

Im still here waiting to see a single boat you own run.... This should be eazy for such an integral part of Lehner and the Jags team. Where is your lehner powered superior running unlimited hydroplane with legal voltage for S ot T sport hydro in IMPBA or NAMBA.

My IMPBA membership # is 20779s Hotshot is my handle. What is your membership number into any of these American model boat sanctioning bodies and where is a running boat.

Still photos mocked up for conceptual relays doesn't cut it in real life. Where is boat you own that runs in a lake not your pool out back. I plan to stay dwelling on this because you talk alot of smack about people you do not really know know how but you have nothing to show from YOURSELF running in over 3 decades.

You talk a good game and suck people like the musician in but apparently you cannot help him complete a simple wind on a puny motor the diameter of an American quarter that YASA has actually used for improvement. You walk across your own words ...... losing all integrity. Stop kidding the forum you've went no where and have indication every time I post here. You guys start a thread on a forum then say you dont wanna show the wind coz they will see it on the forum u started it on.... . He learns from the best with all his F3S advice with no F3S plane....

You have a hugely critical mouth. One even bold enuf to start a thread named for me but where is your rc models that run? That's most basic in model forums. Show us your genius running please. You should tell the German sailors the most recent work you received on super cavitating hydrofoils came from no other than Hubert the Black American. No different than Jim Allen .... U were forwarded his personal email to me so now you know how he really felt about all this with me and IMPBA. I guess this was like Camille and the propellers you promise and never sent. Since he was American an knew me first I guess you came after me on his list of friends..... Hard to believe this would not be obvious to you since the reason you knew him was thru me....

The truth hurts....

"Diese Flugzeuge werden von Clowns entworfen, die von Affen beaufsichtigt warden....."

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