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UPDATE: Disappointing, but this info may be useful for some. After a lot of testing, I can confirm that an R8 pro connected to an Ikon 2 in F.port mode for full telemetry integration will not allow for a 2nd redundancy rx to function. The problem is that the only redundancy input on the R8 Pro is sbus and therefore the redundant rx must be in sbus mode which the Ikon 2 will not recognize as it is in F.port mode for the primary rx. If you put the Ikon 2 in sbus mode, as well as both rxís, it will function properly but you will loose the telemetry integration. I hope there is another way to gain telemetry but I have not tested this yet. Itís a shame we can use F.port for telemetry but canít use an rx for redundancy at the same time, at least with an Ikon 2. At least now I know. I can say that with the exception of one R8 Pro that appears to be faulty out of the package, they are performing well in several helis. The faulty one appears to function ok as well but has much lower RSSI numbers than the others, on the bench and in flight.
Canít we use SBUS mode for control in all receivers and then use S.port for telemetry like the ikon PDF states? I believe the advantage of f.port was just to do it on one wire. I havenít tied this yet but seems like Iíll have to.
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