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Originally Posted by tvoth3 View Post
Potentially stupid question.
Can someone explain the "gyro settings" option that can be added. Looking at the ds14 g2 and it includes 1 upgradable to 3. Does this involve the TXs gyro or the FBLs?
If I remember correctly, it allows 3 separate gyro settings in the TX. Normally you only need one, for the tail. (You wouldn’t need the upgrade IMO)

Each gyro channel is fully functional. Mine is setup with a switch for HH or Rate, and allows separate gains for each Flight Mode. In addition, you can set a knob for fine tuning if you want.

It has nothing to do with with gains associated with flight modes in the FBL. If you’re setting tail gains in the FBL (Ikon calls it ‘set in software’ ) then you won’t use the gyro function at all in the TX
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