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There were a few that were so fixated on the startup time that they would come onto a thread about the 12 and endlessly complain that they lost flight time at the field because of it. The startup time is just over two minutes and in comparison, the 20 is just under a minute. There are other radios that take time to boot up so it is not limited to the iX line of radios. I think my friend timed his Futaba T18MZ at 25 seconds. They may take less or they may take more but in the long run, it is just an excuse to complain about something.


PS: A not so well known fact. The iX12 is ready to control the last model loaded into memory before shutdown in less time than the DX18. I timed it at 6 seconds to the time the RF indicator light is on. In comparison, the iX20 takes 17 seconds before the RF indicator is on. I think my DX18 was in the range of 9 to 11 seconds before it was RF capable.
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