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The iX12 was the worst transmitter I ever bought.
Maybe it boots up / maybe it doesn't.
Maybe it wakes up from sleep mode / maybe it doesn't.
Maybe it upgrades / maybe it doesn't.
Maybe if it doesn't wake up from sleep mode / boots up / completes an upgrade I have to reset to factory defaults / maybe I don't.
Maybe there are 6 or 12 Android apps that need to be disabled that might help / maybe there aren't.
I've had the transmitter tell me that the AirWare app died and I need to restart the transmitter. Then it restarts and tells me the AirWare app died and I need to restart it. Then... it starts okay. What happened?

There are been at least 2 times where the transmitter wouldn't wake up from sleep mode at the field - that was the end of the day.
I've had upgrades to the AirWare / Android software that literally took 2 days to complete. In one case, I ended up not flying the next day because it wasn't finished.

I think those that make apologies for the lack of quality / poor design of the iX12 may be new to RC as a hobby and don't fully appreciate where we came from.
Either we unknowingly became the beta testers for a new Spektrum product or they knew it was a POS and released it anyway. Either way... I'm ticedoff

Personally I think the DX9 was the best radio I ever had.
I still use Spektrum exclusively.
But, as soon as the start to aggressively exclude the 3rd party manufacturers (like Castle, HW, MSH Electronics, Spirit - etc), I'll dump everything I own the says "Spektrum".
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