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Originally Posted by JimJW View Post
Jeti only supports EX and EXBUS based sensors directly. Higher end ESCs support one of the two (YGE xVT and some Kontronic). And telemetry comes over the connection to the FBL as well.

There are some DIY projects that have tapped into the EX/EXBUS as well.

What sensors are you looking for?
Nothing in particular, just doing some research. Looking to replace my transmitter, never had telemetry before so not entirely sure what is good.

Open to any brand, so have looked at FrSky, Jeti, Spektrum and Futaba, from £300 to £1000+.

I donít mind spending decent money on a transmitter but I would rather not have a system that costs a fortune to put a receiver and telemetry into each aircraft.

Iíd assumed that battery voltage and RPM would be free, with the ESC and that any ESC would work. But from what you are saying is that I canít simply plug in any ESC and get the telemetry they provide.

Then when it comes to sensors, I wasnít sure whether they were like servos and se a common standard or whether they are specific to each radio brand.


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