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Every radio uses their own telemetry protocol, Jeti are one of the few vendors who openly publish the telemetry protocol, and have a LUA API available in the transmitter.

You'll find it's mostly Jeti sensors and receivers you use, but there are a good number of vendors out there supporting the Jeti EX-Bus protocol now, both for programming FBL units, and for telemetry.

My Spartan and Bain FBLs can both be programmed directly from the radio for example. And in the turbine world, it means you get manufacturers producing tools like the one in the screenshot from Aeropanda for managing the engine.

No, the receivers aren't cheap, but they're well made, and the reliability and quality control is second to none. You're not paying to beta test with Jeti, and that's something that's put me off the Juniper, RadioMaster and FrSky brands.

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