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Iím just trying to get my head around it - it is all speculative at the moment as my current radio doesnít support telemetry at all. Itís that Iím looking to buy a new transmitter, Iím open to all brands, but part of the consideration is the cost of fitting out each aircraft.

So what Iím hearing is that the FBL will pick up the telemetry from the ESC. I currently have BeastX with an RPM feed from the ESC. Planning my next helicopter too, thinking using a Brain 2.

I also fly fixed wing which donít have a FBL so any telemetry in those would have to be direct to the receiver.

An example of my thought process - I looked at VBAR as my next heli will be a Logo - looks great for helicopters but really expensive to put a receiver a cheap foamy fixed wing. So I have discounted VBAR.


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