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My thinking is this. If I'm flying helis, I wouldn't trust any of the OpenTX radios. For quads, foamies and FPV they're superb, but there have been too many issues for me to risk an expensive Heli.

VBar as you say is Heli only, if that's all you fly it's again superb, but if you fly planes it's expensive, clunky and limited.

Spektrum is a darn good choice, you need to be aware of how to position satellites for good reception on a carbon Heli, and you need to use hot glue or similar to re-enforce the satellite cables, but it's solid and reliable. I don't like the iX radio range, too many bugs and issues, but the Gen2 traditional range are great and the NX range are a decent uplift on those. Factor in all the bind-n-fly models, safe mode, smart telemetry, and the thousands of people using them and they're a solid option.

Jeti is expensive, but superb for planes and helis. They're gaining presence in the Heli market and integrate with the old Spartan Vortex, the Brain, and Spirit FBL systems. Brain can pass ESC telemetry to the radio, and I believe Scorpion ESCs can talk directly to Jeti too. Jeti has the best telemetry and FBL setup support of any radio for helis, only VControl beats it, but that's Heli only.

Jeti's an investment, but everything (tx and Rx) is high quality and will likely outlive multiple models. I've not had to buy more receivers for a while now, I just transfer them from older models I'm retiring.

Jeti is also incredibly flexible, but also really easy to use. I do own a pair of Spektrum radios, but I hate having to program them for anything. They've a good interface, but it feels very old fashioned and clunky compared to Jeti.

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