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as Nigel is from the UK => he can buy Rex3 as receiver. similar cost compared to a 4651T, no sats etc needed, but a completely different beast (real dual path, backup Rx ready, 4 ports for servos/fbl/telemetry) and speaking lot's of languages: Ditex, PPM pos/neg, SBus, EX/Jetibox, EX Bus, digital in, digital out, UDI 12/16, etc etc ppp

Rex3 is out of the box ready for many fbls like legacy VBar, Neo, Spirit, Brain, Spartan, etc etc.

a huge bunch of sensors is available from Jeti / Hacker and (imo) they do not cost a fortune (look at some examples here) at all. plus another huge bunch of 3rd party sensors made for EX/Jetibox or EX Bus... many many sensor makers have integrated into Jeti. and another load of possibilities via i.e. jLog / Jeti integration and similar.

... and from smallest toys with mini receivers up to huge scale planes with Power box and multi-path-multi-Rx-setup (or even research drones/planes like the DLR is using) there is a huge amount of solutions: some overview

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