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If you don’t want all the ‘extra’ RX’s then stay away from Spektrum. They are really the only ones who need/are doing that in the Heli world.

This really leaves it to a few players: Jeti, Futaba, Vcontrol & OpenTx.

I fly Jeti, it’s full featured, telemetry, integrated with a fair number of FBL and robust. The same can be said of the others with pro’s and con’s across the board.

The Spirit RS and the announced GTR have built in Jeti RXs and excellent integration. I’m not sure it matches Vcontol but it’s still good and much better than the integration between something like a Spektrum TX and Ikon/Brain & Spirit.

Sorry not that familiar with the FBL you’ve already used in the past.

I’ve been using the Ikon/Brain2s with Bluetooth and have been very happy with that setup. Now that I have better integration with my transmitter, I haven’t used the Bluetooth functionality much. (Coming from Spektrum to Jeti)
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